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Web Video

AKTIS AVTeam provides superior quality and high resolution website video that is a cost-effective strategy to market your products and services on your website with engaging content and interactive features. We'll create video content that relates to your business and make the content easy for the target audience to view and share on social media websites. Web video helps you effectively communicate with your audience and drive more traffic to your website

How you can use Web Video:

  • Customer Testimonials
  • Video Success Stories
  • Video Case Studies
  • Man-On-the-Street Interviews/Market Research
  • Product Presentations/Video Brochures
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Product Reviews
  • Corporate Overviews
  • Presentations, Trade Shows and Events
  • Facilities Tours
  • Training and support videos
  • Commercials and Infomercials

Online Streaming for Websites

If you choose not to host your own video on your website we can host your videos on our servers that can handle a large volume of simultaneous visitors.

We will provide a short clip of code so you can embed the video on your website. Your video will can also be authored to DVD or encoded for podcast.

Video Email

We have recently innovated an improvement in the software technology designed to allow email recipients to play video inside the inbox. Though this technology has been available for a while, many email clients could not support the video embed with streaming until the advent of HTML5.

We test how the video plays in various formats in many email clients and do provide an alternative landing page for clients without support. We are continuing to develop this technology, keeping our coding up to date with new developments and also provide email templates and landing pages that integrate with your website.

Video Magazines

Video magazines are a series of online videos that follow the print magazine format in which the viewer consumes an issue on a periodic basis (weekly, biweekly, monthly). They can also be used by a company as a marketing tool to engage their online subscribers with an interview-style informational video.

The video magazine in the corporate setting can also act as a newsletter and can accompany an email marketing campaign. (See Video Email)