Two full-service studios with production and post-production facilities.


Our studio in Polydendri is located on the 31st km. of the Athens-Thessaloniki highway. It is 500 sq. meters X 8 meters high with a control room and sound control room.

It was primarily constructed as a virtual green studio with a large 100 sq. meter scenery storage area and includes dressing rooms, meeting areas, a kitchen and showers.

The advantage of using a virtual set is you can create a expensive-looking, state-of-the-art studio productions, without the cost of building an actual set. You can choose from a library of pre-built digital sets or we can build one for you. Also virtual sets allow us to shoot with multiple cameras and shoot people and scenes from other locations that can be superimposed later. It also facilitates the use of special effects and animation.

This is an ideal location for producing television, magazine programs, commercials, video clips and movies. The studio can be rented for production purposes as well.


The studio in Halandri is 60 sq. meters and 4 meters high. It has four editing suites for video editing, compositing and sound mixing and one suite for disability accessibibly (audio desciprtion, sign language, subtitling and special subtitles).

There are dressing rooms, production meeting rooms, a kitchen, parking and disability access.

We do all formats of web compression and all our equipment is HD. We use Sony XDCam HD cameras, Panasonic HD cameras, cranes, steady cam, wide angle lens and a variety of the most state-of-the-art gear.

We also have a full-service sound studio with audio booths and control rooms, we use the latest microphones, Neumann, AKG, Sanken and Sennheiser microphones. We do voice-over, dubbing, translation from other languages and noise filtering/restoration in all audio formats

We use Final Cut Pro, Media 100 and Cinema 4-D for 3-D productions.

Green & Blue Screens

AKTIS AVTeam specializes in green and blue screen production. With an in-house Green Studio and a portable green screen set for on-location shooting. The main room is ideal for a muultiple camera set-up and a dedicated control room is available for this purpose.

Green and blue screen technology is the basis of the special effects seen in everything from the weather forecast to our latest movies. By shooting a video with a single coloured backdrop (blue or green) compositing software can make that colour transparent and replace it with any other video clip, graphic or still image.

AKTIS AVTeam will assist you in building your virtual set to be used with the green or blue screen technology, reducing production costs and providing endless possibilities for your next project.

Scenes are shot with in high definition video. Final Cut Pro, green screen software composites and creates your green screen background. If you would like to do your own post-production we can make it compatible with your editing software

If endless media segments merge together they will create random results. With clear scripting methods according to a viewer's dynamic profile, the audio visual experience comes to a peak.- Athanasios Palos-Papantonopoulos (CEO - Founder)

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