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AKTIS AVTeam Innovations

Over the past 13 years, our company has been a pioneer in the development of audiovisual applications for a wide range of television and audio-visual productions.

In 2002 we found a way to insert GPS information into animated television reception while shooting by helicopter and/or ground (while traveling) during the production of the construction of the 670 km. Egnatia Odos video, as well as building a mobile base to stabilize the helicopter shots with excellent results.

AKTIS AVTeam has also built the first interactive DVDs with interactive interface and accessibility for disabled people in Europe that was translated in three languages. For the first time in 2003 there were used innovative virtual techniques such as subtitling, sign language and audio description. This innovation was further used in TV, while we created programs for the hearing-impaired and visually impaired people, making it an Accessible Television.

Accessible Television for hearing-impaired and visually-impared

We create programs for people with a hearing impairment and for for the blind and visually-impaired with subtitling and signing, audio description.


Transportcasting is a patented system AKTIS AVTeam created, that was awarded by the European Union in 2004. Transportcasting is an innovative method for nanocasting. It delivers New Media in moving vehicles, multi-language subtitling, narration and random music. It could be viewed in a bus with monitors and be accessed by SmartPhones and tablets.