Sound Design

Two full-service studios with production and post-production facilities.

Sound Recording

Our sound studio is equipped with the latest in audio technology for designing your next project.

The sound studio is equipped with the latest in audio technology. It can be used for editing, sound/music design, premixing, stereo mixing, music composition/arrangement for commercials, and voice-over, dubbing and narration.

The sound studio provides audio recording, mixing, mastering, voice over, music, and audio post-production work for television, film, radio, corporate video, audio books, soundtracks, foreign language translation.

Audio Description

AKTIS AVTeam provides subtitling, captioning, audio description, and translation services for video, television, and the corporate market.

Audio description (AD) provides access to film, television and pre-recorded video programming for the blind or visually impaired. AD is a narration service that provides concise and vivid descriptions of a program's visual elements so users are enabled to "see".

Broadcast mix: An additional audio track consisting of the original audio and the audio description track is pre-mixed at the broadcaster side and is transmitted alongside the regular soundtrack of the television programming. When the user presses the AD/language button on his/her remote control or television menu, he/she will be able to listen to the audio description track interspersed with the original audio track through his/her television set.

Receiver mix: As an alternative to broadcast mix, in receiver mix audio description the mixing of the original soundtrack and the description track takes place inside the viewers' receiver i.e. television or a set top box. This system offers certain advantages for the user, including the ability to adjust the sound level of the audio description, and to route the description to headphones so that only one person can hear the description while others in the room hear the regular audio track.

Voice Over

We provide voice-over (VO) recordings for any type of project, film, web, television or corporate video. We supply highly talented translators and voice-over artists to work with our studio engineering and directing expertise.

We also translate your script to the language of your choice, taking into account the length of the text and reading time. We will help you choose the most appropriate voice for your project.

Our database of voice-over talents, who record in their mother tongue, will guarantee the genuine native accent you require.


Voice Recording

  • Commercial Radio/TV Spot
  • Narration
  • Dubbing
  • Voice-over
  • Audio Description

Noise Reduction

  • Hum
  • Hiss
  • Clicks
  • Cracks


  • 1/2,1/4 inch, CDR, DVD, LTO, Hard Drive to MAC or PC format
  • Restoration and conforming
  • Sound Design/ Mixing/ Voice-over
  • Commercials Audio Editing
  • Audio formats: Protools, aiff, wav, mp3
  • Motion pictures, Television, Web, Interactive

Analog - Vinyl

  • Conversion/Digitalize to DAT
  • Conversion/Digitalize to CD
  • Conversion/Digitalize to aiff
  • Conversion/Digitalize to WAV
  • Conversion/Digitalize to MP3

If endless media segments merge together they will create random results. With clear scripting methods according to a viewer's dynamic profile, the audio visual experience comes to a peak.- Athanasios Palos-Papantonopoulos (CEO - Founder)

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Sound Studio
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