Meet the Team

ShowcaseAthanasios Palos-Papantonopoulos

After completing graduate and post-graduate specialized studies in New York, London and Athens, Athanasios Palos-Papantonopoulos partnered with the Athens based Cinema and TV School "Papantonopoulos" and was a professor of film and video studies there from 1980 to 2002.

In 1999, he founded AKTIS AVTeam, which created international productions (Millenium, Euro, International airport AIA, Athens Metro), ecological and historical documentaries for ET-1, NET and PRISMA+ television stations and the very successful television series "Kouklobelades," an educational series for disabled children.

He is the first to bring Accessibility Programming for the hearing and visually impaired to Greece. Many international and national productions are to his credit (Athens Metro, Egnatia highway, ΑΙΑ Athens International airport, IASO Hospital, Collides Industries, Emorate AIA, Citroen , ΙΚΑ, IBEA, Olympic airways, Ministry of the Environment) as well as movie productions and a featured muppet movie for disabled children. He has also created "Transport-casting" (Video viewing technology in Public Transport vehicles) and an email embed technology among his many innovations in the field of videography and new technology.

  • Audio Description for Blind Diploma City University London 2008
  • EAVE (Media program E.U) Post-graduate Production in IMM 1995
  • EAVE (Media program E.U) Post-graduate TV & Cine Production 1994
  • B.A. City University of New York in Cinema & TV Production 1986
  • BBC London England Diploma in TV Production 1981
  • Higher National Diploma ( ΚΑΤΕΕ ) in Cinema & Television Athens 1980
  • Diploma in TV electronics, Athens 1977
  • 1986-2002 Partner & Professor at Cinema & TV School 'Papantonopoulos'
  • 1999-today Partner & CEO of AKTIS AVTeam
  • 2009-today Partner in Cryomed S.A.
  • 2010-today Partner in Infomagic Services Ltd.
  • Producer in International Productions (Millenium, Euro, International airport AIA, Αττικο Metro)
  • Ecological Documentaries for ΕΤ-1, ΝΕΤ
  • Documentaries for Prisma + (ERT) "Visions & colors" ( 20 X 50' )
  • DVD interactive productions for ( Disable, Municipality Eastern Macedonia & Thrace, Ministries, Local authorities)
  • Corporate video's ( Athens Metro, Egnatia highway. , ΑΙΑ International airport, IASO Hospital, Cioleides Industries, Emorate AIA, Citroen , ΙΚΑ, IBEA, Olympic airways, Ministry of the Environment)
  • Commercials ( ΑΙΑ, Egnatia Highway, Attica Bank)
  • Historical Documentary "Mesologi" 60'
Projects 2006-11
  • Production of accessible program for Prisma+(60.000')
  • Production of DVD interactive for Nisiro 120'
  • Production of DVD AMT, Ascent 90'
  • Corporate video's: Rio Antirio Bridge, Athens Metro, Institute of Athens Academy & Olyvon.
  • Production of DVD for the Disabled No. 1,2,3
  • Patent in Technogenesis EU program in audiovisual system for moving vehicles.
  • Documentaries for Prisma + (ERT) "Visions & colors" (20 (50 min.) episodes)
  • Ecological Documentaries for ΕΤ-1 " Photosphaira " 10 episodes
  • Production for disabled children: "Kouklobelades" 60' Prisma+. 20 episodes
  • AHEPA Convection 2009 Productions
  • ESAMEA spot's 09
  • Athens METRO corporate video
  • Photosphera Ecological Series 26 ep. ET-1 2008-10
  • Feature muppet movie 'The road to happiness' 2010
  • Political & Social campaigns 1990-2011
  • Photosphera Ecological Series for ERT 2011
  • New Media campaigns for various customers 2011

If endless media segments merge together they will create random results. With clear scripting methods according to a viewer's dynamic profile, the audio visual experience comes to a peak.- Athanasios Palos-Papantonopoulos (CEO - Founder)

Stamatina Aggelou


Stamatina has received degrees in Architecture (Aristotelian University of Salonika, Greece) and Film & Documentary Studies (University of Television & Film, Munich, Germany).

She is CEO of the television production company, S. Aggelou and Partn. E.E. from 1999. She has produced and directed the children's program, Kouklobelades on Prisma+ in 2007, and the documentaries, Nysiros (2007) and Alzheimers (2009).

Stamatina has completed courses in directing, acting, script-writing (New York University), play-writing (Theater of Changes, Athens,Greece), theory of drama, children's writing (National Book Center,/Greece (EKEVI)), psychology (Institute for Cognitive Analytic Therapy(CAT), Yalom Institute and drama therapy.

She speaks German ,French, Italian and English.

ShowcaseSimos Sylaidis

Post-Production-Sound Engineer

Simos has received degrees from the Film & Television School ("Sound & Image") "Papantonopoulos" and a graduate degree in Photojournalism. He is a licensed cameraman specialized in television and film.

His experience includes fashion photography and cameraman for: basketball (Greek Club Basketball (EEC)), television and photo coverage of the Greek Championship Games Ascent and the Grand Prix Motorcycle Races, emissions testing on SEVEN-X television station, cameraman for the Greek documentary, Nisyros, photo and television coverage for The Human Body (General State Hospital of Athens), television coverage for news on SKAI television station, event coverage and Music Video clip for Wella Beauty products and educational photos and video while serving in the Greek Army.

He has worked on video and sound production for the National Bank of Greece, Astir Group Hotels, Citroen, Superfast Ferries, The Monastery of Saint Lavra Kalavryton,Greece: The Land of Sun and Tradition (Documentary Series),"Lygeros" Television Series (1995) and for AUDIO VISUAL ENTERPRISES S.A. (Corporate Video, Documentary, Subtitling, CD, Cdi, DVD)

For AKTIS AVTeam his experience includes: Image processing: Montage, Computer Animation, DVD Authoring on 70 episodes of Photosphera Athens International Airport, Athens Metro, Special Needs Disability No.1-No.2, Macedonia Thrace, Egnatia Odos, Attica Road, Inauguration of the Rio-Antirio Bridge, Documentary: Nisyros, Prisma+ Years 2006-2008,20 episodes, Kouklobelades, the Greek-German Documentary "Ramba Zamba (2008), Virtual Museum Anaparastasis, The Ancient Games for the Museum of Ancient Olympia, University of Macedonia Hearing Aid Skill Language of Deaf Children (2009), Television Program "Lies and Truth: Accessible for people with Special Needs, 30 television spots for the newspaper "World Weekend (2009-2011), Short Film festival Drama: Fani and Alexandra, Felix Culpa and The Baby Brings a Bird, 2 Episodes documentary series: Nautilus: Discovery in Greek Seas (2010) and ANIMFEST (2010-2011)

ShowcaseAnastassia Frangouli


Anastassia studied at the Television & Film School ("Sound & Image") "Papantonopoulos" and received a degree in Sound Engineering. She has worked on over 200 short films (16mm) several of which were in the Drama Short Film Festival ("Flou", "Appointment", "One Cigarette Road" and in 2003 with the movie "Medium Open which received the award of Honorable Mention. She also did the post-production sound effects and dubbing for the short film "The Home Life" directed by Dimitras Niklopoulou.

Her theatre work includes post-production for the CD for the children's production at Mr. Prekka's, ORAMA theatre, the "Cabaret" of K. Metzelopoulos and "The House of Alice" at the Korydallos Theatre.

She has engineered the sound effects for the series and ecological documentaries: "Ecosphere", "Photosphere" and "The Green House" on NET, corporate videos for OTE, the Bank of Attica, the Ministry of the Environment, Hotel Groups, Roche and Pfizer, IASO Hospital, the Athens Metro, Athens International Airport, Social Security, Gennimata Hospital, Igoumenitsa Port, Attiki Highway, Athens Metro Station in Monastiraki, Millenium Bank, the documentary "Free Besieged" by K. Katsaropoulos and the Paraolympic Games in Athens.

For AKTIS AVTeam she is the post-production sound engineer and editor for:

The documentary series "Photosphera" on ET-1, 20 episodes of "Forms and Colors" on Prima+ television, the movie The Way to Happiness, and many other projects at AKTIS

Anastassia taught Sound Engineering and Audio Pro Tools from 1998-2003 at the Film and Television School Papantonopoulos and seminars and graduate programs in Sound engineering and Processing Audio Pro Tools. She has also written articles in the magazines: Mace, Video Business, Photonet, Professional Camera & Microphone as well as being a narrator in many corporate and promotional videos.

ShowcaseNiki Koutsikou

Production Co-Ordinator, Head of Production

Niki Koutsikou was born in Athens and studied Civil Engineering and Architecture and has completed studies in Digital Design, Production Co-ordination and Social Media.

She has worked on commercials for the town of Chanion , the video clip of the music group Jazznovation, "Bring on the Music" and was Head of Production for a PK Productions movie. She was a Production Assistant for PLD Productions, television series "Contact" and Smart TV's newscasts.

While at AKTIS AVTeam, she was Head of Production for the documentary, "Photosphera" from 2006-2011 and was a Production Assistant for many commercials, corporate videos and the movie, "The Road to Happiness."

ShowcaseCostas E. Deligiannidis

Art Director/Photography

Costas studied Graphic & Interior Design at Bakalo in Athens, Greece and Audio Visual Design at BTEC HNC South Thames College, Graphic Design & Studio Techniques at London College of Printing and Photography & Digital Media at BTEC BPCAD as well as Multimedia at Kingsway College in London. He was a visiting professor at IEK Leica Academy and taught courses in Communication & Video Production as well as Corporate Identity.

At AKTIS he provided graphic design for the series Kouklobelades (2005-2006), Athens Metro (2003-2004), photography for the virtual reality Byzantine Museum of World Architecture, video and web design for the Portalakis Collections, graphics and banners for the National Bank of Greece and for the Ministry of the Environment as well as video production for the Attiki and Egnatia Motorway projects.

Costas has extensive experience in photography and the application of virtual reality in combination with slide shows on optical disks with implementation of QUICKTIME OBJECT VIRTUAL REALITY, corporate video presentations at international and national exhibitions, and the creation of virtual scenery with the use of "green-screen" technology.

ShowcaseLydia Papantonopoulou

Digital Marketing

Lydia studied at the University of Surrey and works at AKTIS AVTeam since 2009.

She was a trainee at KONTRA Channel in 2010 and at STEFI Productions in 2011.

She is a Production Manager in Cinema, TV and New Media.

She speaks Greek, English, French and Portuguese


ShowcaseNefeli Papantonopoulou

Production Assistant

Nefeli is studying Theatre Studies at the University of Athens and works at AKTIS AVTeam from 2011.

She speaks Greek, English, French